Paying with BitCoin

Even if the Merchant doesn't know BitCoin

Making Payments with BitCoin

The number of businesses accepting BitCoin is constantly increasing. Wherever the sign to the right is shown, BitCoins are accepted. In order to receive payments, all one needs is a QR code or the public key of the account the payment is supposed to go to. Neither hardware nor software nor internet connection is needed for that. Any piece of paper or picture of the QR code will do. In order to pay, however, a device and an internet connection will be needed. The device should have some wallet app installed. Best choice is a smartphone.

What wallet is best is an individual choice. It is always the same rule: The more convenient, the more insecure it will be. That's why it is best to have an easy to handle wallet on the smartphone and only transfer little amounts to it. Nobody would wthdraw all money from the bank account, put it in the wallet and go buy a hot dog. A good overview of trustworthy wallets is listed on The wallet that offers the best balance between user friendlyness and security is the Electrum wallet:

The Electrum Wallet is fast, easy to use and does not use up many resources. It uses remote servers to handle the complicated parts of the BitCoin system and allows to recover wallets with a secret phrase in case the phone is lost, stolen, damaged or even reset to factory settings. The Electrum-Wallet can be installed on the following operating systems:

Electrum Wallet for Windows Windows Electrum Wallet for Mac Mac Electrum Wallet for Linux Linux Electrum Wallet for Android Android

After installing - securing! - and configuring the wallet, it can be used to make and payments anywhere in the world, where BitCoins are accepted. An overview of businesses that accept BitCoins can be found on

It is also possible to make BitCoin payments without any wallet app, by accessing and import the wallet to there. But this method is so complicated that it would only be used in an emergency.

Paying with BitCoin where BitCoins are not accepted

The question remains why bother using BitCoin, if barely anyone accepts it and the businiesses that accept BitCoin, also accept other payment methods. In order to rectify this misconception, here comes a brief clarification: BitCoin is accepted everywhere where credit cards are accepted. The merchant doesn't even have to know that the payment is being made with BitCoins. He will get whatever fiat currency he wants.

There are several vendors who will provide a Visa or Master Card that can be charged with crypto currencies. Some of them are prepaid, some of them only convert Crypto into Fiat when a purchase is made. Some even offer anonymous cards.

It is to be expected that the big banks will force the governments to close down businesses that offer this kind of services.

Here are some providers listed that offer such cards. They differ in price and features, so it is recommended to compare and consider all aspects before ordering.


Sign up with uQuid

Order CryptoCard with uQuid


Sign up with Wirex

Order CryptoCard with Wirex


Sign up with BitWala

Order CryptoCard with BitWala


Sign up with BitPay

Order CryptoCard with BitPay


Sign up with CoinsBank

Order CryptoCard with CoinsBank


Sign up with AnxPro

Order CryptoCard with AnxPro


Sign up with BitStamp

Order CryptoCard with BitStamp


Sign up with Xapo

Order CryptoCard with Xapo

Use Wirex to pay anonymously with MasterCard

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