How to get a Taxi Licence in Northern Ireland

Can't find a Job? Create your own

Driving for Hire and Reward

There are many job opportunities in Northern Ireland. Reagrdless, whether you are looking for a job or already have one, extra income is never a bad thing to have. One great opportunity to do this is by driving a taxi. There's no need to apply for a job, and you also don't need to be a taxi operator to do this. You can work freelance, drive in your own car on your own schedule and decide when, where and how long to drive.

The Costs

Total costs: £315

Considering that it will not get cheaper in the future, this investment is well worth it. After all, one can make up to £700 in a 35 hour week, of even more if one works on weekend nights, in bad weather or in so called "red areas", which are areas of high demand.

Here's a free and easy to understand five step guide on how to do it on your own without the need for an instructor. Just follow the steps by clicking down the menu on the left; this should get you on the road within a few weeks.

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